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Flowers on Wood


Examples of delivered products

Käyrälampi recreational trail

A group of a round bench and a table is cosily “embraced” by a steel screen, adorned with inviting perforation resembling windows, along with smaller gaps for plants to intertwine. This airy and playful ensemble invites you to unwind amidst the artful surroundings.

Furniture crafted from logs has found its place in the charming forest environment along the Käyrälampi outdoor trail, providing a spot to rest and dine amidst the beauty of nature.

Discover massive AITTA table sets along Kouvola's Käyrälampi outdoor trail, nestled in picturesque surroundings by the water. The three-metre-long benches offer ample seating for large groups.

The steel legs of the tables are positioned away from the ends,

ensuring accessibility for wheelchair users.

Salo's AITTA benches

A curved NAANTALI collection bench embellished the outdoor trail along the Vähäjoki River in Salo. When the wooden seat was assembled, the frame, crafted from corten steel, which had already been installed before, developed a rich patina, adding character to the surroundings. The bench not only provides a comfortable resting spot but also contributes to the aesthetic charm of the outdoor trail by the Vähäjoki River.

Turku Leaning Rails

We love how our work provides not only comfort, but also city usability! A row of robust leaning rails was designed for Turku's new market square, serving both as additional seating/leaning options, as well as space dividers. These rails guide bicycle traffic away from the pedestrian area of the square, directing it to the other side, behind the bike racks.

Crafted from Finnish Siberian larch, the robust leaning rails will gradually take on a beautiful grey patina, blending seamlessly with the surroundings of the renovated market square. 

Our large planters, crafted from hot-dip galvanised and painted steel and equipped with tall growth supports, have found their place in the courtyard of the magnificent old brick building in

Pyynikki Park, Tampere.

Installed in late spring 2022, when the photos were taken, the planters were still to showcase the full height of their greenery, and how the combination of green, red,and black

would create a stunning visual display.

Planter pots in Pyynikki park
Salo's NAANTALI bench

Adjacent to the sports park in Salo, a new and inviting outdoor trail is being created along the banks of the Vähäjoki River. Universally adaptable AITTA benches have been strategically placed on both sides of the river, adding charm to the gently undulating path.


The benches feature corten steel frames, gradually developing a warm, reddish-brown patina over time. Experience the perfect blend of durability and aesthetic appeal of the AITTA benches during your outdoor moments along the scenic trail by the Vähäjoki River!