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LOKKI (Seagull) Sun lounger

The collection got its name from the town of Loviisa, where it adorned a new and vibrant  Kuningattarenranta residential area.

The modern and airy design of the furniture seamlessly blends with the natural coastal landscape, the contemporary aesthetics of the new residential area, and the picturesque old town visible across Loviisanlahti.


The flagship of the collection is the LOKKI Sun Lounger. Its graceful profile draws inspiration from seabirds soaring in the wind.

The chosen Finnish larch for the seat surfaces gracefully weathers to a beautiful natural grey, while the corten steel frames develop a rich reddish-brown patina with time. The colour tones are lively, unique, and work in perfect harmony with the coastal scenery.


The bench structures are designed to resist whimsical weather, and are easy to clean. Components are also easily replaceable when needed.


This collection may expand over time based on the preferences of our customers. Let the LOVIISA collection inspire you by its refreshing sea vibe!


Design from Finland logo.png

Check out what our products look like in the beautiful summer of Loviisa!

IISALMI furniture uses plate-type legs.
Let's find the right ones for you!

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