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The journey of Abau Design began with a simple idea: to reimagine outdoor spaces with sustainable furniture solutions that blend seamlessly into natural landscape. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful nature of Finland, we take pride in using locally sourced materials whenever possible and working closely with Finnish contractors and creative talents. Our mission is to produce furniture that enhances the outdoor experience, whether it’s in a city park, communal or recreational area, a schoolyard or a residential courtyard. 

Abau Design originated from a design agency co-founded by Ilkka Kankare together with an architect friend in 2017. Over time, outdoor furniture for public spaces evolved into a separate business area. In 2022, Abau Design separated from the agency and became an independent limited company. Ilkka, formerly a corporate management consultant, found himself inspired by ecosystem-based delivery models, as well as the flexibility and agility of a startup business. For a while, only two people worked at the company - Ilkka, who served as both CEO and sales manager, and Jussi, responsible for furniture design. Today, Abau Design brings together a talented design team and several trusted contractors from all over Finland.

At the heart of our design philosophy lies a dedication to “venustas, utilitas, firmitas” – the timeless principles of beauty, usability, and durability set forth by the Roman architect Vitruvius more than 2000 years ago. With each piece meticulously crafted to embody these principles, our furniture sets are as functional as they are elegant, offering modular designs that adapt effortlessly to different spatial requirements.

We believe in respecting the environment in everything we do. That's why our goal is to create furniture sets that not only look distinctive, but also have extended life cycles and a minimal ecological footprint. By offering customizable options and employing sustainable practices throughout our production process, we ensure that every Abau Design creation is not only unique but also environmentally conscious.

As we continue to grow and innovate, our commitment to quality and sustainability remains unwavering. Whether furnishing city centres, parks or residential complexes, Abau Design is dedicated to transforming outdoor spaces into inviting, functional, and environmentally friendly spaces. Join us in our mission!

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Design Furniture for the Urban Outdoors


Abau Design

c/o Maria 01
Lapinlahdenkatu 16

Helsinki, Uusimaa 00180, FI

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