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The new garden furniture series BUDDIES has been developed in collaboration with the Nomaji landscape architects. The goal was to create a beautiful, durable, and nature-inspired product family that can be assembled into a cohesive, functional set tailored to the needs of a specific location.


The first products in the collection are VARIS, designed for composting garden waste, HARAKKA for storing garden toys and other tools, and the modular HIPPIÄINEN planters.


The volume of HARAKKA and VARIS is approximately one cubic metre (1 m3), while the volumes of the planters range from 0.125 to 1.6 m3.


Crafted from high-quality materials, these robust outdoor furniture pieces are perfect for spaces such as housing cooperatives, daycares, and private homes.


The design of these pieces is intended to create a cohesive look. However there are minor differences between the models based on their intended use: for example, the compost bin is open and airy from all sides and has an open bottom, while the tool storage box has a solid bottom and a water-resistant lid.

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The lids and hatches can be locked securely. The hinges are simple and reliable, and the dimensions prioritise safety.


These products are primarily made from untreated, naturally weathering Finnish larch, with rustproof steel fittings. They can also be crafted from other wood materials, such as wood with a certain oil finish or paint, to better match the aesthetic of the intended location.

The collection is constantly expanding. If your space requires a piece that is not yet part of any collection of ours, feel free to reach out!



*Nomaji is a design firm specialising in landscape and urban planning, with a focus on developing ecologically and socially sustainable solutions. Their work aims for holistic sustainability, caring for the environment, and generating societal value. Nomaji's design and expertise services cover the entirety of landscapes, both built and unbuilt environments, in rural and urban settings.

Design from Finland logo.png
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