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Pereensaari, Pirkkala

Photo: Pereensaari, autumn 2023

Pereensaari's new, thoughtfully designed outdoor area invites you to relax and enjoy: walking and swimming paths, gaming and fitness areas, a public sauna, a swimming pier, a bonfire spot, and more.

Big AITTA benches are crafted in massive dimensions, measuring two or three metres, while the smaller ones serve as single-seater stools. Robust log benches are strategically placed along the outdoor trail, including the beach area, offering various resting spots for different groups.

Sturdy picnic sets are scattered both on the meadow and along the walking route that gently slopes towards the shore.


Adorning the playful bike racks is the hedgehog, Pirkkala's mascot. The robust steel frame is surrounded by wooden elements, providing protection for bicycles.

The chosen materials, Siberian larch and corten steel, preserve the natural ambiance of Pereensaari. All furnishings are designed to withstand the test of time and varying weather conditions. Enhance your outdoor experience with the enduring charm and versatility of AITTA collection.

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