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About the Collection

IISALMI adapts effortlessly to various settings by adjusting dimensions and changing the colours. Steel frames can be produced with hot-dip galvanised or painted finishes, and wooden surfaces can be untreated larch or painted in a desired RAL colour. The classically serene bench transforms, for example, into a vibrant, playful piece when painted in pastel green, taking you to another stylistic era.


Originally a bench, this collection has expanded into a complete furniture range, including various benches, table sets, bike racks, and informational displays. It can equally serve in urban areas as well as parks.


Expanding the collection for an apartment complex, we introduced additions such as a stool connectable to a chair, a lounge chair, a planter box, and a planting table. Thus, here is a new member of your courtyard group!

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IISALMI also features lighter outdoor furniture designed for a private courtyard in a city service home. This includes a wheelchair-accessible table, a round coffee table, and stackable chairs with and without armrests.

IISALMI originated from the need to design a bench that would complement the distinguished ambiance of the old Kirkkopuisto park in the heart of Iisalmi, while meeting contemporary accessibility standards. 

The result is a clear-lined, stylish, and timeless park bench that quickly evolved into a comprehensive furniture family. With the robust steel tube frame of the collection, these pieces have a long lifecycle, and individual wooden components are easily replaceable when needed.


IISALMI is exceptionally versatile.

Wooden components and steel frames can be crafted in a variety of colours.

Wooden elements can also be easily replaced with durable 100% recycled plastic planks.

Dimensions are customizable and welcoming.

In our IISALMI collection timeless design meets modern adaptability in a harmonious blend of style and function.

Design from Finland logo.png
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