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Kallio, Lyyra

Lyyra in Helsinki's Kallio district exemplifies urban rejuvenation, infusing a fresh, modern, and stylish atmosphere into the historic Hakaniemi market square area. This comprehensive project encompasses office spaces, residential buildings, stores, restaurants, and a hotel, all replacing older buildings with new, sustainable ones. 

Our collaboration with Lyyra has given birth to a new furniture collection that proudly carries the location's name: LYYRA. For the cozy courtyards of this complex, we designed sleek benches, metal planters, and a table set, that suit the heart of a changing Helsinki. The curved benches are part of our STOORI collection, which hosts a variety of modular products meant to be combined in any/all ways possible.

Entirely crafted from steel and finished in an elegant dark brown, the LYYRA table, bench, and chairs showcase graceful curves and a slightly futuristic aesthetic that seamlessly complements this modern environment.

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