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The chosen Finnish larch for the table surfaces gracefully weathers to a beautiful natural grey, while the corten steel frames develop a rich reddish-brown patina with time. The colour tones are lively, unique, and work in perfect harmony with the coastal scenery.

The airy, round, bird like design both pleases the eye and ensures ease of use for even the smallest of the family. The bench structures are designed to resist whimsical weather, and are easy to clean. Components are also easily replaceable when needed.

Typically made with douglas fir, though other options are available! Steel parts can be hot-dip galvanized and/or painted.


Without backrest, width 180cm, price 690€ (when ordering 5)

Table 1390€, width 180cm



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    If you are interested in our services, or are looking for fitting furniture, don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to making your visions a reality!

    Taxes and delivery fees will be added to the prices. Fluctuations in the prices of energy and raw materials may affect the final costs.

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